Support for Photovoltaic Panels, Heat Pumps and Other Energy Efficiency Measures

This support aims to increase the energy efficiency of commercial and service buildings in the private sector. This support aims to improve comfort levels for its users, extend the useful life of buildings by increasing their resilience, reducing the country's energy bill and dependence and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Support for the acquisition of Electric Vehicles and Others

The Incentive for the Introduction in the Consumption of Zero Emission Vehicles, intends to continue the implementation of measures to accelerate the appropriation of alternative and more environmentally friendly traction energies, such as 100% electric traction (light passenger/goods vehicles, chargers for in condominiums, electric and conventional bicycles and other electric personal mobility devices).


The support “Empreende XXI” aims to promote the creation and development of new business projects by young people looking for their first job and unemployed people registered at the Instituto do Emprego e da Formação Profissional, I.P.

This measure comprises supporting innovative projects or areas, through the creation of new companies, new jobs, professional training whenever necessary, specialized consultancy in the area of entrepreneurship to strengthen skills and for the structuring and consolidation of the project.

Measure Commitment Sustainable Employment

The Sustainable Employment Commitment measure consists of an incentive for the permanent employment of unemployed persons registered with the Instituto do Emprego e da Formação Profissional (IEFP), based on the combination of financial support for hiring and financial support for the payment of social security contributions, in the first year of validity of the supported work contracts.

Stages Activate

The Activar Stages lasts 9 months, with a view to promoting the insertion of young people into the labor market or the professional reconversion of unemployed people.

Treasury Support Line for Micro and Small Tourism Companies

Funding to support the treasury for companies in the Tourism sector, reimbursable without remunerative interest associated with the possibility of 20% being converted into a non-refundable fund.

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Support for Self-Employment Creation

We put at your disposal all existing possibilities and tools, such as specific state or bank support, in order to make your business idea a reality.

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S.I. internationalization

The S.I. Internationalization aims to strengthen the business capacity of SMEs for internationalization, with a view to promoting increased exports through the development and application of new business models and processes for qualifying SMEs for internationalization, developing the effective presence of SMEs in the global market.


The support has the nature of a non-refundable grant (non-refundable grants) and corresponds to 45% of eligible expenses.

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S.I. SME qualification

The SI Qualification aims to strengthen the business capacity of SMEs, applying new organizational methods and processes and increasing flexibility and responsiveness in the global market, using intangible investments in the area of competitiveness (organizational innovation and management, digital economy, creation of brands and design, development and engineering of products, services and processes, protection of industrial property, quality, knowledge transfer, distribution and logistics, eco-innovation, professional training, hiring of HR).


The support has the nature of a non-refundable grant (non-refundable grants) and corresponds to 45% of eligible expenses.

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Productive Innovation

Do you intend to create a new establishment, increase the capacity of an existing establishment or diversify production to products not produced before? With this support line, you can invest in differentiation, diversification and innovation, in the production of tradable and internationalizable goods and services, through investment support from 35%, never exceeding 75% of the investment.

Rural Development Program

Do you have land and want to monetize it? Are you a producer and intend to acquire machinery and equipment?

- Investment in the farm
-Possibility to affect construction and improvement costs for exploration, land preparation, multi-annual plantations, irrigation systems, purchase of machinery and equipment…
- Investment Transformation and marketing of agricultural products
-Possibility of affecting costs of automation of existing equipment, purchase of machinery and equipment, sealing and preparation of land, construction…
- Diversification of Agricultural Explorations
-Investment of less than €200,000;
-Stimulate the development, on farms, of activities other than the production, processing or marketing of agricultural products;

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Qualified Entrepreneurship

Do you intend to create a company in a sector with strong growth dynamics, including those integrated in creative and cultural industries, and/or sectors with greater intensity of technology and knowledge?
This support line may obtain a support fee of 35% of the investment, to which increases can be added up to a limit of 75% of the investment.

Operational Program Mar 2020

Do you intend to invest in a sector linked to the sea?
By 2020 it may be possible to obtain community support for the promotion of environmentally sustainable, efficient, innovative and competitive fisheries and aquaculture, as well as the promotion of the marketing and processing of fisheries and aquaculture products.
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Support line for the qualification of the offer

This support provides medium and long-term financing for projects in the tourism sector.
It is intended for the requalification and repositioning of enterprises, establishments and activities.

In the creation of ventures, establishments and activities implemented in low-density territories, or that focus on the field of entrepreneurship.

Part of the funding provided by TURISMO DE PORTUGAL can be converted into NON-REFUNDABLE SUPPORT.

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