Business Plan

Many companies and entrepreneurs tend to start their activity without strategic planning of their business. This type of corporate rashness can often lead to serious mistakes that hamper the development of companies, and can doom them to failure at a very early stage.

Therefore, if you want your company or business to have a solid foundation, which can even captivate investors and professional partners, it is essential to create an effective business plan.

This is an essential document for your business financing operations. operações de financiamento do seu negócio.

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Financial Economic Feasibility Study

This study is fundamental in the decision making of a business investment.
Not only in the creation of new companies, to obtain financing, or in the expansion of your business, for example, in the acquisition of new machinery, new facilities or other Tangible/Intangible Assets.
It allows to reduce the risk of putting time and money in an investment that will not bring the expected return or even jeopardize the financial balance of the company.

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Laughter Analysis

Risk should be considered as something intrinsic to business activity, as a result of the demands of business, the market and the constant changes in companies and in the environment that surrounds them. However, these risks become even more present when we experience moments of economic instability in the country and in the world.

Controlling the degree of financial liquidity, setting minimum targets for the necessary turnover, diagnosing high indebtedness, analyzing the degree of insolvency, is what our team is able to control and help you in the best way.

Management Control

The existing competitiveness in the business world has resulted in the reduction of business profitability. Through a control system we improve the performance of companies through performance indicators (KPI), use of Balance Scored Card, treasury management planning and budget management. All tailored to your company.

Evaluation of Companies

A company valuation is a useful document for owners, potential investors, creditors or financial entities.
The process consists of estimating the value of the organization, taking into account its particular situation of the company.
This work starts from a diagnosis and analysis study, the business plan and the economic and financial structure, being then materialized in a company evaluation report, which can be used for various purposes.
For this report, different perspectives and evaluation methodologies will be used, appropriate to the specificity of each company.
With rigor and analytical capacity, Census offers an evaluation service, which is crucial in defining your company's market price.

Decarbonization Report

The competitiveness of companies today has the concept of decarbonization as one of its pillars.
The preparation of the decarbonization report aims to contribute to a substantial reduction in costs, increase competitive advantages over competitors and promote a more sustainable institutional image in the community.
Our team is able to frame your organization in this context, diagnosing your carbon footprint through Co2 emissions, advising measures and solutions for the decarbonization process.
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HR Consulting

It is a consultancy that has an external view of what happens in the company and its goal is to analyse with a more critical focus the organisational processes related with human resources management.

We intend to help organisations either in carrying out and creating internal procedures or in improving existing ones.

The HR consultancy will also allow the development of employees, making your team more competitive and strengthened for the market challenges that are in constant evolution.



  • Administrative management HR administrative management constitutes the human resources daily basis in any organisation, leading to the ACT penalties absence.
  • Recruitment and Selection: The role of the recruitment and selection process is to find the right professionals to make the business grow and become a great success. A poorly done hiring affects the organisation and work routine.
  • Connection to the external entities: We ensure connection with external entities, namely ACT, Social Security, IEFP in the most diverse situations to solve daily basis problems/doubts.
  • Organisational development Functions analysis, description, and qualification; performance evaluation.

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