For micro and small companies, this service offers accounting services, to ensure compliance with the legal and tax obligations.

The services are coordinated by licensed Chartered Accountants, to guarantee a high level of quality and responsibility.

All accounting information is overseen by specialised technicians.

CENSUS, looking to satisfy the needs of its customers and potential customers, launched an innovative accounting product, called CENSUS PLUS.

This product aims to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies, which need additional management support, but have few resources to do so.

Thus, and based on the accumulated experience, we intend to create a standard support that can be adapted to the specific needs of customers.

The integration of markets, the growing complexity and diversity of financial products and services and the need to broaden and deepen the level of internal analysis pose numerous problems for managers who, involved in their daily routine, face difficulties in supplying resources for aspects related to fiscal management.

Its main goal is to guarantee specialised support to companies, under an outsourcing regime, in the processes normally considered within the financial function.

Focused on young entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to start their business, as well as new projects with high potential.

CENSUS START encompasses a set of services, which may or may not be combined with accounting services.

With the increasing globalisation of the economy, companies feel the need to expand across borders. However, an international adventure carries immense risks that can translate into huge losses.

That is why it is necessary to rigorously plan the international adventure, measuring the risks, analysing all the variables, and financially measuring the entire project.

The normal development of a company involves the continuous need to check the market and measure the impact of strategic decisions and, following this monitoring, often to redesign its organisational configuration and reformulate its corporate image, which often results in the creation of group structures.

The CENSUS CEO service aims precisely to supply the necessary resources and knowledge in the various strategic processes of companies.

The creation and maintenance of value is the key to the success of companies and is the starting point for all the actions and decisions.

The CENSUS VALUE service intervenes in the valuation of companies, parts of companies or investment projects, using the most recent and reliable techniques: cash flow (DCF) method, comparative assessment, and contingent assessment (real options).

Fiscal optimisation cannot be dissociated from the company's financial function and must be seen as an added source of value creation.

Aware of the growing complexity of tax legislation, CENSUS invested in training and created a service specialised in tax planning and management issues, having launched the CENSUS FISCAL.

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