The employees’ professional development improves professional skills, updates knowledge, expands the range of activities carried out or the respective level, and in general, responds to problems and failures in the execution of the work. Training must be oriented towards improving the performance of the functions performed or to be performed by employees.

Employers’ legal obligations

According to law 93/2019 of the Labor Code, the worker is entitled, each year, to a minimum of 40 hours of continuous training and, if the worker is hired on fixed-term basis, for a equal period to or greater than 3 months, a minimum number of hours proportional do the duration of the contract in that year.

The employer must provide, each year, continuous training to at least 10% of the company’s workers.

  •       The communication of the training execution is mandatory in the Relatório Único.
  •       Organise training in the company, through training plans.
  • Ensure the workers’ information and consultation and their representatives regarding training plans.

      Recognize and value the qualifications acquired by the workers.

Workers’ Right/ACT penalties

  •       Right to retribution

Upon term of the employment contract, the worker is entitled to receive the corresponding remuneration if the employer does not guarantee the training minimum number of hours to each worker per year.

  •       Right to Credit hours.

The worker gets an equal number of hours credit, and the employer is obliged to release him.

  •       ACT penalties

The default incurs in very serious administrative infraction, with amounts between 612,00€ and 9.690,00€.

Training Management

Census Accounting Services proposes to assist in the training management process, by carrying out and monitoring the various stages:

  •       Training needs survey
  •       Training plan preparation (courses, contact with training entities, timetable, recipients, costs, objectives)
  •       Training actions preparation
  •       Training actions registration

      Training hours per employee registration


Ordinance nº229/2015, of 3 August, complemented with specific regulation, introduces the TRAINING-CHECK measure, whose management responsibility is from IEFP (Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional).


  • Contribute to the productivity and competitiveness improvement of the companies, through the reinforcement of the professional qualification of their workers, especially the less qualified.
  • Boost the employed and unemployed workers training demand.
  • Encouraging lifelong learning journeys, as well as the active employed and unemployed persons personal development.
  • Employers, active employees, and unemployed people co-responsibility in the training responses search that promote the improvement of professional performance.
  • Empower the adjustment between training supply and demand, creating a new dynamic in training operators.


  • Active employees, independently of qualification level, whose applications are submitted by the employees themselves or by employers.
  • Unemployed people registered in IEFP, with the qualification level 3 to 6, for at least 90 consecutive days.
  • Employers (indirect beneficiaries) for the participation of their workers in training actions.

Financial Support

  • Active employees (and employers): the incentive to be granted, per worker, considers the limit of 50 hours during the period of two years, a limit hour value of 4€, in a maximum amount of 175€, with the maximum support of 90% of total value of the training action, proven to have been paid.
  • Unemployed people: beneficiaries who attend training courses, with a maximum duration of 150 hours in a period of two years, have the right to financial support corresponding to the total value of the training action, up to the amount of 500€, demonstrably paid. To that amount, we can add a training grant, meal allowance and transport expenses, if due.

*Applications are approved up to annual limit of the budget allocation

The CENSUS ACADEMY brand is a complement to the services set provided by CENSUS ACCOUNTING SERVICES network because we believe that people are the most important resource of an organisation, being vital to its competitiveness and keeping the human resources updated.

CENSUS ACADEMY offers to the market a wide range of courses and our trainees can select the course that is more convenient for them. All the courses will lead to a skills improvement. The trainees avoid travels as well as associated expenses, being able to take all courses in an environment that is more convenient and comfortable.

CENSUS ACADEMY is a certified entity for the following areas:

  • Personal development
  • Foreign languages and literatures
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Accounting and Taxes
  • Management and Administration
  • Law
  • Computing from the user’s point of view
  • Work safety and hygiene

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